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3.21 diamond SOLD for $22,000

The goal of this website is to auction a 3.21 carat diamond ring, and then direct the money toward compelling social and environmental causes.

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Diamond rings are amazing. The strongest gem in the world, nothing can scratch a diamond except another diamond. The sparkle has mesmerized people for at least 3,000 years as a symbol of beauty, wealth and commitment.

But what’s more impressive than its sturdiness or sparkle, is just how much can be accomplished by selling one simple diamond. Just for fun, I punched a few numbers into the calculator. The minimum value of this particular ring could:

It’s fun to explore the potentialities. If you have any suggestions, please email ring@committedtotheworld.org

Consider making a bid. Diamonds can have a lot of dicey politics associated them. Many were mined by slaves in Africa and then sold to fund conflicts. When you think about it, that’s an odd way to start living “happily ever after.”

Consider giving your life partner a wedding ring with a better story. With a winning-bid, this 3.21 carat diamond ring can accomplish a lot and, along the way, transform from a mere gem into a true beacon of richness and connection.